Friday means family...

As soon as daddy gets home from work we are heading out to get haircuts (we all need them desperately) then maybe pick up some supper.

The plan is to then rent "Night at the Museum" because Hayden would really like to go see the sequel that is coming out (I think today).

I finally got the monkey bars that have been backordered from Toys R Us yesterday so that's on the agenda to put them together.  

We have swimming tomorrow morning then a quick trip to the farmer's market afterwards for next week's fruit and veggies.

I may try to head to my favorite nursery to look for a few bedding plants....gosh I hope it's safe to plant them now.  Although we just had snow last week !

No other real plans though and that's just the way we like it on the weekends !

I hope all my american friends have a nice Memorial Day on Monday.

~ Chow for now ~

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