Another weekend over...

Really I think weekends should be 5  days because seriously when you own a home and have kids there is never enough time to get everything done in 2 days.

Although tempted I resisted watching the Jon & Kate + 8 marathon this weekend on TLC.  Honestly, why would I want to watch that train wreck all over again.  But I'm sure I will be tuned in like millions tonight to watch them "face each other" for the first time.  What is wrong with these people....I personally think the only thing that makes her mad is he got caught.  It is a "big money" train for Kate and my  feeling is the train is comin' to a stop very soon.  No more personal appearances all over the country and no more $20 autographs.  I ask the question also why she needs a bodyguard - I guess those fans at the church speaking engagements are a rowdy bunch !  I swore I wasn't even going to discuss this on this blog but I just couldn't resist any longer.

So I'm wondering how many calls to HealthLink regarding Laila have to be made before a "red" flag is raised and Social Services stops by to investigate.  (I kid really !!)  But seriously, this child is like a walking accident but this probably has something to do with the fact she goes about 100 km/hour at everything she does.  

Our latest incident occurred on Friday evening.... the kids had just had baths and were freshly dressed in pj's.  With the intention of them  heading to bed in 5 minutes.  Hayden came running back in from his room and she was running out of our bathroom.  They hit "head on" with her of course taking the brunt of the hit.  She fell backwards and hit the back of her head on the corner of the baseboard.  She started screaming which to me is always a good sign and within seconds there was a huge goose egg on the back of her head with a cut about 1.5 inch long.

We called HealthLink and after speaking with the nurse figured Laila would be fine at home. She said we should just check her hourly for the next 6 hours.  She was fine in the morning and the bump was gone.  But seriously, this is the 4th call in the last few months with an ambulance ride thrown in for good measure.  She is so different then Hayden who was calm and relaxed but  little miss daredevil certainly keeps us on our toes.

I went to one of the local nurseries on Saturday and picked up a few bedding plants for my outdoor pots and apparently everyone else in Calgary decided to the do the same thing.  I have never seen that place so busy but seriously this was the first weekend that I would have considered it safe to plant anything.  The landscapers are coming tomorrow to power rake and  air raid our lawns then our sprinklers are being turned on Wednesday.  Summer makes me so happy but with the way our weather has been I'm sure it will be over way too soon !!

Hubby surprised me on Sunday by getting up super early and cleaning my van.  With two kids and spending as much time as I do it in you might think we were homeless and living out of it.  It seriously needed a good cleaning and it so pretty now.  Let's see how long we can keep it like that.  Thanks my beloved for the wonderful surprise.

We had a great BBQ with some friends last night and just hung out with them for a few hours.  Then poof it was Monday morning again.  Faruq is in Fort McMurray for the day and not back until 7:30 tonight which is long day for him because he leaves on the Corporate jet at 5:00 am.

It's going to be almost 20 here again today so I think Laila and I maybe having a little picnic in the backyard this afternoon after Hayden goes to school.

Get out and enjoy this lovely day - Happy Memorial Day to all my american buddies !!!

Chow for now....

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