Crazy Afternoon !

Well it's been a bit of a crazy afternoon for us actually it's just been downright scary.  A few months back I wrote about Laila spiking a temp and ending up with seizures then a trip to the hospital via ambulance.  Today we put her down for her nap at 1:15 and when she didn't wake by 5:30 I went to see what was up.

When I entered her room I knew there was a problem because she usually wakes immediately when someone enters.  I found her in a the corner of her crib somewhat non-response when I tried to wake her.  She was very warm and was sweating terribly.  I have to say I was pretty calm because of what had happened the last time. (Of course, Faruq had gone to the grocery store when this happened - I kid because he was out of town with Hayden during her last episode)

When I lifted her out of the crib she  started crying which to me was a very good sign.  I brought her downstairs and took her temp which was reading 101.5 !! She was trying to vomit but the poor peanut had nothing in her tummy.   I gave her the fever reducer meds that we gave her the last time and within a short time the fever had started to drop.

We called our Health Link and spoke to one of the nurses - we all agreed that she probably didn't need to go to the Children's Hospital for observations as we started to manage to the fever and she appeared to be returning to normal.  Within a few hours she was running around and had eaten her dinner.  

It's scary to think that you can put a normal healthy child down for a nap only to go in and find this within a matter of a few hours.  Our doctor did say once kids have these Febrile Seizures they are prone to getting them again.  I honestly think she may have had one in her crib this afternoon which really scares me but there isn't much we can do.  I know I will be sneaking into room tonight to take her temp more then once.

I didn't realize this but if either parent suffered them as children (I did as a baby) then my kids have a 10 to 20 percent greater chance of getting them.  I guess by 5 most outgrown them but holy man that's a long time from now.

Please say a little pray that Laila's temp stays down tonight and we don't have any seizures.


Donna said...

Oh goodness Michelle that is so scary! I'm glad she is ok though! My MIL also told me all her kids had febrile seizures when they were kids so we are also pretty vigiliant about high fevers with ours. Whenever they have vacinations we have been told to give them tylenol an hour before and then every 3 hrs after to prevent it from happening. Thankfully none of the kids have ever had a high fever. Try to get some sleep tonight!

Amber said...

Yike, that is scary! I'm glad she is okay now, and that you know what's going on. I'm praying for you guys. HUGS