My Mother's Day

We had a lovely quiet day at home with breakfast being served in bed and lots of snuggles and kisses from the kids.  Faruq and I don't celebrate a lot of holidays but we try to really acknowledge each other on both Mother and Father's day.

This year was a little scary for Faruq as he has been working a lot of evening and weekends so he was a little paniced this past week because he hadn't gotten me anything.  But as always he did awesome and came through with a few lovely gifts for me.

The kids gave me a dozen cupcakes from a fabulous bakery called Crave in Calgary.  I actually think it was more a gift for them as they both love them but none the less they were very yummy.

Then daddy presented me with two wonderful gifts.  Firstly,  something he knows I will use because I gave up my personal trainer in January and have been struggling to find the time to workout.
He happened upon it on a fitness website and thought it would be perfect for me.  It totally looks like what I need but sadly it isn't being released until May 19th but he has preordered it so it should arrive next week sometime.

Secondly, he gave me a gift card for a camera shop in Calgary so I can go in and pick up some new accessories.  He said it would be way easier that way because he has no clue about photography.  Again, a perfect choice and I can't wait to go spend a few hours in there looking around.

Honestly, just having the family together and hanging out was wonderful for me.  I hope you all had a great day with your loved ones.

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