Laila at 17 months.

Laila Quinn Suleman
   "A True Gift from God"

Our Lovely Laila is 17 months and I can hardly believe it.  Our dream of a complete family was so fulfilled upon her arrival and the last 17 months have been filled with so many  joyous moments.

We struggled for years with "unexplained" infertility but never gave up as we knew that we were meant to have another child and what a child we got.  Our prayers were answered a million times over with the birth of our daughter.

Here's a few of the things that make her "Laila" ...

She loves her Mama and Dada.
She loves (to torment) her brother.
She loves her crib.
She loves food and eats a lot.
She loves her Elmo.
She loves her fuzzy little pink bunny.
She loves Sesame Street.
She loves to say "Bye" to whomever she meets.
She loves to climb on anything and everything.
She loves to go swimming.
She loves to make big, big messes for mama to clean up.
She loves playing in the dirt outside.
She loves to blow kisses to everyone.
She loves her naps.
She loves to sleep in late in the morning.
She loves books but doesn't want us to read to her yet.
She loves, loves, loves Music and rocks out everyday with mama.
She loves the mouse on our computer.
She loves her little cellphone (so not like her mama).
She loves to try to stay up a little later when daddy is watching her.
She loves to watch Hockey.
She loves to go for rides with mama in our van.
She loves all her "girly" clothes (okay that's her mama's)

Laila it is has been a joy being your mama for the last 17 months and can't wait to make more memories with you while we walk through your life together !!

I love you so much !!
Your Mama

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Donna said...

Ahhh Happy 17 mth Birthday sweet Laila!