Shaw Gateway : Follow Up

I wrote this post in January and thought it would be good to do quick follow-up to it.  After having the initial Gateway installed I was still hearing rumblings about issues with performance so we hesitated giving up our old PVR's.  But after nearly a month with no issues we booked the appointment to have everything completely converted over to only portals.  I will say I was a tad bit nervous but I had faith that if it was not working Shaw would fix it.

We switched completely over at the first of February and have not had one issue thus far.  Every portal is working and the Gateway has not hiccuped once.  The only thing I find is the odd time when you turn the TV on initially it doesn't make the connection to the portal but I have found if you turn the TV off and hit the "live" button on the remote then turn the TV on it seems to correct itself.  You do have to remember it may not be quite as quick to change as your normal TV/PVR was so if you are a button pusher (as my kids were) you need to take it a little easier on the remote.

We have gotten more comfortable with the menus and the biggest highlight is being able to view all the PVR'd items from any TV in the house.  No more running to the basement to make sure that favorite show is set tape.

One thing to mention is that we have a newer home and when it was build my husband had it wired with Cat 5 wiring so I'm not sure if that has helped with the reliability and performance of the Gateway.  Shaw would probably say it shouldn't matter but I do know we have friends that have an older home and have had issues with their Gateway.

We had been loyal Bell customers for almost 15 years but do to a lack of customer service and no real incentive to stay with them we switched our cable service to Shaw last year.  Our phone and internet have been with them for almost 6 years so it only made sense to switch the last service there.   The employees we have dealt with have been knowledgeable & professional and after almost a year into this we have been very pleased.

I know that some would say the "wait time" to talk to a real person can seem like an eternity but they are making strides to improve that.  Did you know they are on Twitter ?  You can find them at @Shawhelp.   They resolved an issue we had with one of our old PVR's in less then 5 minutes so I know the service works.

All in all we have been really happy and glad we upgraded to the Gateway .

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FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

We have been thinking of changing to Gateway, but I have so many shows on my PVR right now that I can't let it go!! However, I'm not sure my hubby could deal with the slower channel changing...he is ridiculous when it comes to quick channel changes ;)