Valentine's Treats

Because baking is a passion I usually try to provide treats for Faruq and the kids to take to work & school.  This Valentine's I did cupcakes for Faruq and Marshmallow Pops for Laila's class. Hayden's school is currently on a weeks vacation so I will cover him off at Easter.  I tried a few new flavors of cupcakes for Faruq's office.

First up were Nutella cupcakes.  I found the recipe for the Nutella frosting on this site.

I use this recipe for my Vanilla cupcakes and they always turns out delicious.  

I used this recipe for the chocolate cupcakes.

Next up Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  I have tried the Red Velvet box mix from Presidents Choice and while it is okay I had issues with it's taste so I chose to go back to a from scratch recipe.

I know the picture looks like chocolate but trust me they were a nice deep red.  I used this recipe and will continue to use it as they were so delicious.   I also used the icing recipe that came with the cupcakes.  It   was super easy and tasted great.

For Laila's class I had originally thought about doing mini cupcakes but instead opted for chocolate covered marshmallows.  I have never made them but figured they had to be easier than cake pops which I totally can't make.

What you will need:

Candy sticks (Mine are Wilton's brand from Michaels)
Chocolate dipping Wafers - Michael's sell them but I don't like theirs.  I found Merken's at Bulk Barn and they are so much better to work with.  If you are only making white or chocolate you can get really good chocolate at Superstore.
Sprinkles and sugar crystals - I bought mine at Bulk Barn but you can get them at Michael's or grocery stores.
Floral foam - I it was great to put them on it after I dipped them but you can use parchment or wax paper as well.  I'm sure styrofoam would work as well.

How to make them:
  1. Put one marshmallows on the end of each of the sticks.
  2. Take a small amount of chocolate and melt in the microwave. (I use a microwavable cup big enough to dip the marshmallows completely in.)  Start with 30 seconds then stir it.  Continue to melt at 20 second intervals while stirring after each time.  You can add a small amount of shortening to thin the chocolate if needed.  It should be thin to ensure you can coat the marshmallow but then tap of the excess chocolate off.
  3. Take a marshmallow and dip it in the melted chocolate then gently tap the excess chocolate off.  You need to work fairly quickly as the chocolate dries fast.
  4. Take the covered marshmallow and dip in the sprinkles and sugar.
  5.  Lay it on either on the paper or put it in the foam to dry.
  6. I added a mini-cupcake liner to each pop but this isn't necessary. 

Here is the end result and I have to say we were pretty pleased !

Laila was so excited to take them into share with her classmates !

But before they went to school look who I caught going in for a little taste.  This kid is going to kill me !

I will definitely be making these again !  
Aren't they pretty ?

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Leslie said...

They all look yummy!

Keli said...

They all look delicious. In our state the children cannot bring anything homemade to school. It has to be purchased and still be in the original wrapper. Not sure when this started, but it is frustrating for my DIL who is a great baker. I love Red Velvet cake, so I might try that recipe.

BnBMommy said...

I made the nutella cupcakes for Den's work, and they were really good. Thx for sharing the recipe!