Valentine's Day

We don't do a big celebration for Valentine's Day but we do recognize it mainly because the major retailers start shoving it in our faces the day after Christmas.  The kids see it everywhere so we do little things for them.

I was in Walmart a few weeks ago and spotted Smarties on sale for $2 a box.  My kids love Smarties and would probably pick them over any other candy so it was an awesome deal because the boxes were huge.  Sophie couldn't actually lift hers but made a valiant effort to cart it around.

Hayden got his first model plane which just happened to be Star Wars themed so he was thrilled.  I also found a cute Angry Birds shirt in my travels at Walmart.

Laila had been asking for a new Dora game for her DSi so she was a happy camper.  (I know it's hard to tell from the picture.)

I had to post the next picture because I rarely get one with both kids smiling at the same time.

As for Sophie I'm going to share a little secret with you all.  I regifted her a a gift that she got for Christmas but we hadn't opened yet.  She is 2 so I really don't think much permanent damage was done with that sneaky move.  Without fail wherever we go if there is a doll stroller she will hunt it down and play with it for the whole time.  Our neighbors were so kind to give her one for Christmas but with all the excitement it got stored away and I just found it a few weeks ago.  So today she finally got her stroller and as I expected she has not let it go yet.  So huge hit on her Valentine's gift.

Hubby and I do not exchange gifts for Valentines and never really have. I am in the market for a sewing machine so hope to be gifting myself with that shortly.

I'm yet again suffering with another massive head cold so we didn't even go out for dinner this year instead opting to cook at home.  The kids were happy to just stay in and play with their new toys.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day with the loved ones in your life.

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Soshayna said...

We are sick here again too! Ugh! The pictures of the kids are adorable and you are right...Sophie will not be harmed, in fact, you probably made her able to enjoy that toy even more. My husband and I don't exchange gifts either...we really don't exchange gifts for any holiday or birthday anymore. We would prefer to save and take a trip together as time alone is so precious anymore. Hope you feel better soon!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said... already know what I bought myself for Valentines ;)
I'll have to look for an Angry Birds shirt, my boys would love that! And there is nothing wrong with giving a Christmas gift for Valentines, that's the beauty of 2 year olds!
Hope you feel better soon. I'm feeling terrible too, and the kids won't let me rest...go figure.

BnBMommy said...

I love my Pfaff sewing machine!! I recommend going to Sewing World right off Crowchild by McMahon Stadium. They were amazing in there!