First Impressions on the Shaw Gateway and Portal System

We have had the Shaw Gateway installed for just over a week and have to stay it is pretty darn cool.

We had originally looked at it last year when Shaw first rolled it out but at a cost of $350 it was just a bit too much to spend before Christmas.  Plus we had just switched to Shaw earlier in the year and all of our PVR's were practically brand new.

Fast forward to a few days before New Year's Eve and I read on Shaw's Facebook page that they were having a secret sale on Gateway systems.  For $148 you would get the Gateway and one portal (additional portals would be $48).   Good deal...Right !  Originally they had intended to offer this to just new customers but somewhere along the way they decided to extend the offer to existing customers as well.

The Gateway is a convenient system if you have more than one TV or PVR in your house.  We have 4 TV's and two had PVR's attached to them.  But if I wanted to tape something downstairs to watch while I was working out I had to go that specific PVR and set it up.  But with the Gateway and Portal System you can set up show to record on one of the portals and then watch it on any of the other TV's.

So my darling hubby went bright and early on the first day of the 2 day sale to purchase a system.  The technician arrived about a week later and within a few hours we were enjoying the new set-up.  Of course, just after we had it installed I started to hear horror stories about the Gateway's not working properly and that the system's were somewhat flaky.   We have had no issues yet (I'm sure I have just jinxed us by writing that) and have been thrilled with it.

I do find the menu a bit of a challenge to navigate but it's only because it's new and different looking from the old one.  If the system continues to work well I think it's definitely worth a look.

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FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I just saw that advertised the other day and was going to look into it. We have 2 PVR's now, but I hear you can record 6 shows at one time?!