Kijiji - What Works For Me !

What is Kijiji ?

From Wikipedia....Kijiji - is a centralized network of online urban communities for posting local online classified advertisements. It is a subsidiary of eBay launched in March 2005.  Kijiji websites are currently available in the Unite States, GermanyCanadaFranceItalyChinaIndiaTaiwanBelgiumSwitzerlandRussiaAustria, and Japan

So love it or hate it Kijiji is here to stay.  I definitely had my own reservations about trying to sell anything on there because everyone seems to have their own Kijiji horror story.  But a few summers ago after spending three days getting ready for a garage sale where I would end up making approx. $100 I just knew there had to be an easier way to move things.  So there started my adventure into the world of on-line selling (and now even the occasional buy).

Thrifting has become very popular.  I quite often frequent the Goodwill store in my area looking for those hidden treasures.  I was in heaven this past summer while visiting my parents as they have tons of little second hand shops.   But I digress so back to Kijiji.

You can be very successful when using Kijiji but I figured out a few things along the way.  Here's a some tips that might help you when trying to sell your items.

Your Ad:

  • List the ad in the proper category.  
  • Title description:  For Sale:  brief description of Item: Area of the city I'm located in.
  • Take the time to write a proper listing  
    • Be concise but thorough with the description - Don't ramble and bulletin points have worked the best for me.
    • Use keywords (manufactures names, model numbers, etc..) so if someone uses the search feature it will be found easily. 
    • Note the size and color if applicable.
    • Be honest with the condition of the item.  If its new great but if it has been used indicate that in the ad.  I use "New with Tags","Like New", "Gently Used", "Used".
    • If the item is missing pieces list that in your ad (I have in the past done research on what a replacement would cost for a specific part if it is missing).
  • Price - This can be tough because everyone thinks their stuff is worth more then most people are willing to pay.  You will do better than a garage sale but be realistic when pricing something.  I tend to use the 50% rule.  But when I list the price on the ad I always put the word "FIRM" behind it.  That should warn buyers you aren't willing to barter on the price.  I have only had one person ever try to talk me down on an already low priced item and I refused her offer politely.  Now I have had a few expensive baby items that I have listed for higher but they were in excellent condition when I went to sell them.  At best I think I may have recouped 75% of the original cost. I'm definitely not saying you can't ask more but your item may not move as quickly or at all.
  • List your location again - They don't always read it in the title.  I appreciate it when I'm looking to buy something because I can't be bothered going all the way across Calgary for a $10 item.
  • I also add "If the ad is up the item is still for sale".  It saves a lot of messages from people asking if the item is still for sale.  I have inquired about items for sale only to have the people respond back (most don't) with "Oh that sold last week and I didn't remove the ad". 
  • Pictures :  I can't stress how important this one is.  I have posted at least one if not more pictures of the item I have for sale.  Try to post an actual picture of the item not one from a manufactures website.
A few other helpful hints:
  • Do not post ads if you are not going to be available to respond to potential buyers inquiries.  Again, your goal is the sell the stuff quickly (at least that's my intention).
  • Be available for people to come and look at the items. I will put an item "On-hold" for up to 2 days but any longer you will lose other potential buyers.  If it's a "popular" item most will come within 24 hours and don't be afraid to tell them you have others in line for it.
  • Personally, I don't leave ads up for longer then 2 weeks.  By that time the ad is probably buried so far down on the page counts that people might not even see it. Almost everything I have  sold went within the first week of listing it.  Delete the ad and try again in a month or so.
  • I have never paid to promote an ad on the tops of their pages.  If it hasn't sold within in a few weeks it's probably not going to help to put it up there.  
  • I typically don't sell clothing on Kijiji unless it's snowsuits, jackets or maybe a fancy dress.  It's too labour intensive for me to list pages of things worth a buck or two each.  If possible donate them to someone you know or even to a women's shelter.
  • Watch the time of year you post items.  You most likely won't sell Halloween costumes in November.  I posted 3 in October and they sold within an hour of being listed.  
  • Try to have the item as clean as possible - This is another way to get top dollar for your item.
  • I personally only take cash when selling items.  I will that one up to you if you want to take the risk.
Overall, my experience with Kijiji has been a positive one.  I have probably sold 90% of what I have listed and for the price I listed it for.  I will never ever have another garage sale as it's just not worth my time and effort for such a small return.

I hope this helps you if you are trying to sell your treasures on Kijiji !! I'm sure I haven't covered everything here and I would love to hear your tips to be successful in selling.

Happy Listing !

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You Suck at Kijiji said...

Excellent tips all around, Happy Mama. If everyone followed your advice, Kijiji would suck less for everyone, and people would get their stuff bought and sold.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

I have had great success with Kijiji too! I follow most of your tips, but I'll have to remember to put "FIRM" in the ad!

Misty said...

I have been a huge Craigslist fan for the past 10 years but since moving back to Calgary I am learning that Kijiji is more popular here. Great tips!