Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (February 27th)

  • We had our yearly eye exams on the weekend.  The kids eyes were all fine but both mine and Faruq's changed a bit.  I have been having an issue reading the small print for a few months but our doctor wants to hold off giving me different glasses for this until at least the age of 45 so I have a few more years.  Do you get your kids eye check every year ?  In Alberta it is free until they are 18 so I don't see why anyone wouldn't do it.
  • We took the kids out to eat afterwards and realized that we have never taken the whole family out at once.  We don't eat out much so it was a bit of treat for us to go as a family of 5.  We ate at Montana's and I have to say it was a wonderful meal.  They have a great menu for kids and even modify one of the meals for the girls.  The service was fast and the server was attentive.  We will definitely go back when we go out again.
  • I got to help a friend on Friday night with some prep for her kiddies birthday party this past weekend.  We did a fire truck cake, a dora inspired cake and some cupcakes.  It was nice having some practice with a different cake and the cupcakes are always so much fun to do.
  • I sorted Laila's old clothes yesterday and changed out Sophie's from 12 month to 18 to 24 month clothes.   I'm having a hard time believing she is that big now.  :{
  • Sophie is a full-time walker now and is getting faster everyday.
  • We have been researching were we want to go for Christmas this year.  So far Hawaii is still at the top of the list so I guess  know it will be to decide what island we want to stay on. 
  • Anyone watch the Oscar's last night.  I missed watching it but went to bed and got a few extra hours of sleep which was probably better for me. 
  • We are counting down until March break in our house.  If the weather is good we are going to take a trip to the coast for 10 days.  It will be nice for the kids to see their grands and we might even get a little time away on our own.
  • I rented "Life as We Know It"  from iTunes when the boys were away but didn't get a chance to watch it.  I finally watched it last week and have to say it was an okay movie.  I wasn't sure about Katherine Heigl but it was funny with some sad parts as well that will make you cry.  The little baby in the movie was named Sophie so that was extra special for me.
  • I'm currently watching season 5 of The L Word.  I'm surprised at the number of big name celebrities they had as guest stars on this show.  I will be sad when I'm finished with Season 6 as I have really enjoyed this show.
The weather is yet again ugly in Calgary so I don't think we will be leaving the house for much.  We have friends coming over to play a few days this week which suits me perfectly.

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