Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (February 11th)

I haven't done this post in a long time but thought I might start it back up...lots of little stuff to chat about.

  • Does anyone else use Kijiji ?  I love to look for stuff for the kids & house and really try to buy things previously used when I can.  But the other thing I love to do more is read the "wanted" ads. Some people are so funny when they write the ad....they are literally begging you for something but it needs to be in excellent condition, needs to be a specific brand/model, needs to be free (because they have no money) and the final request is that it needs to be delivered to them because they have no vehicle.  I get that people are in need but seriously I think they need to lower their standards just a bit.
  • We took Laila for her second haircut yesterday and she is like a seasoned veteran now.  She just walked right up to the chair, hopped on and let our stylist do what needed to be done.  So I guess it's true....all good things come to those who wait.
  • I think she is officially potty trained (at least for daytime).  It's been a few weeks and not one accident at home or out.  She has started to do # 2 in the big potty as of Tuesday so life is good.
  • Still on the subject know as Laila..... she "allegedly" ate almost a whole box of chocolates today.  I left her to watch TV for no more then 20 minutes while I had a quick shower.  When I returned the empty box was sitting on the coffee table but Princess Laila swears she didn't eat them.  The next day or so should be very interesting for her and the bathroom trips.
  • The boys leave on Saturday morning for California and they are pretty excited.  Now I really wish we had of booked tickets for everyone but know this was the right decision for just them to go.
  • Funny miscommunication with one of the hotels.  They left us a message last week saying that if they were arriving after 3 the front desk would be closed and that there was a number for them to call when they arrived.  My first thought honestly was "What kind of hotel have I booked them that their front desk would close that early".  Well didn't we look stupid when Faruq called today to say it would be closer to 4 when they arrived and the man that he talked to laughed then said "No sir we close the front desk at 3 am so you should be just fine".  Oopsy !!  I'm sure they are thinking "Bloody stupid Canadians".
  • Sweet deal of the week was when I went to get American money for their trip and  it only cost me 2 cents on the dollar.  Sorry to my American friends but we have paid so much higher exchange rates before that this was a treat.  I'm sure that they will come home with very little of it so at least we are boosting your economy a bit. 
  • I have resisted thus far setting up Skype but finally caved tonight so we could talk to the boys while they are away.  I feel that we are so depended on electronics and social media that it's nice to just disconnect sometimes.  I admit It's pretty neat though and I might use it more often now that I have it setup.  Do you use Skype?  Do you like it it ?  I'm thinking it will be good for the Grands to talk to the kids.  I usually talk to my Mama on a cordless so I can at least get a few things done around the house.
  • Survivor and The Amazing Race start next week.  While we don't have the satellite anymore I can still watch them off the internet.  Honestly, I'm not sure about either this time around.  They are changing Survivor a bit so when you are voted off you actually go to an island vs. home plus two villains are coming back again (really get a life boys).  Then on The Amazing Race it's all returning teams that got booted early from their original seasons so these are people we have gotten to know before.  I'm personally not a fan of this and prefer to see new contestants.  They are doing the same thing on Top Chef this season and have to say I haven't watch much of it.
  • I'm trying to finish season 5 of Rescue Me before it's due back at the library on Saturday.  It's such a funny show and I feel slightly sad that's I'm rushing through it but al the discs came to me at the same time and their are 22 episodes for this season so it has been a bit of a marathon every night since Monday.
  • I'm also trying to finish the book called "The Help" before I have to return it to the library.  It's good but I highly doubt I will finish it before next week when it's due back and I can't renew it as it has holds outstanding on it.  I can't buy it because we have made the family deal not to buy any books unless they are really needed so I'm bummed I may have to wait a few months to finish it.  
Okay I didn't mean for this to be that long so I will save the rest for another post.  

Chow !

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denny647 said...

What hotel did you end up booking for the boys?

Mellott Family said...

Whoops, apparently, I shouldn't be logged onto my husbands account when I reply to blogs. ;)

Julia said...

So true about kijiji. If you are in need that is one thing but to specifically ask for a great brand or excellent condition is crazy. It seems like ppl are just trying to get their baby things for free ;)

Jenn M said...

Great week. Yeah Kijiji is hilarious.

Glad you get some girl time, that is always fun

Lindsay said...

How fun for the boys! And we *love* Skype! It's great! We used it when my parents were in Australia and the kids had so much fun seeing them on the computer! Enjoy your girlie week!