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I'm here and reading lots of blogs but not feeling the urge to post much.  Hubs and I have been having many discussions over the last few weeks.  Truth be told I kind of hate these discussions because it tends to force me make serious adult decisions.

When Faruq and I got married many, many years ago we said that we would take a look at our lives every 5 years and decide if we were in the right place physically, mentally and emotionally.   It's hard to believe but we have been in Calgary for 5 years but we have so we are again deep in discussions.  There are lots of factors driving decisions now....The kids, Faruq's job, quality of life, family.

Calgary is a beautiful city but it is a city and with that there is traffic, crime and huge growth which tasks all services needed.  I get frustrated when it takes me an hour to get somewhere that should only take 20 minutes.  I hate the fact that you need put your kids on a waitlist from birth if you want to get into one of the better charter schools.  It's expensive to live here and sometimes I feel like we are never going to get ahead.  Then a few years back the real estate market took a nose dive so we watched the equity in our house drop dramatically almost over night (thankfully that is rebounding).

We have no family in Calgary and it's been tough doing it all on our own.  If we made the decision to move we would have a support system that we could rely on if needed.  Faurq and I could reconnect as a couple and we might actually get away together once in awhile without the kids.

So there is so much more to consider this time because in 5 years all of our kids will have entered school, I will be deciding what I want to do for my second career and Faruq will finally be happy with what he is doing.

While I can't share a lot of the details of what we may embark on later this year we are excited by the possibilities.  I admit I do get a headache when thinking about everything that will be involved if we make the decision to move but know if it is meant to be it will all work out.

Decisions....Decisions !!

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Soshayna said...

Change can be so challenging...sounds like you have weighed your options out and if a move will get you closer to family and support, I say go for it! Hugs!