Watch out Mickey the Mouse

Hayden is packed and is comin' to meet you !!!

Bags are packed, taxi is booked for the morning and both boys are in bed getting some rest.  Their flight leaves at 7:00 am so they are just cabbing it to the airport as the girls aren't up that early.  I still can't believe that the time has actually come for their trip.  I remember when I (Oops I mean Santa) booked these tickets and we thought it was so long away.

I'm sure they will have a blast together but of course the mama in me is worried about their safety.  While I'm happy they are going I will be even more excited next Friday night when they will be home in less then 24 hours.

We set up Skype so we can chat with them while they are down there which I know the girls will enjoy. 

Have fun boys you both deserve this break away from "the girls".

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