Show us where you live Friday - "Bathroom" Edition

"Show us where you live Friday - Bathroom Edition"
Hosted by Kelly @   Kelly's Korner 

We have a total of 4 bathrooms in our house.  There are two on the 2nd floor, 1/2 on the main and a guest bathroom in the basement.  I think my favorites are our master bath or guest bathroom in the basement.  I love the master bathroom because of it's size and that it has become more like the family bathroom. 

The tub is nice and big for the kid's nightly baths.  I love that both hubby and I have our own vanities.  (He can be a little messy ! :}) 

 We have a great shower, walk-in closet and a separate toilet area.

The only real complaint I have with this bathroom is that it is off our master bedroom and doesn't have a door.  I will never have another design like this especially when you have a hubby that gets up at 5 every morning and I don't get up until around 8 !  He has gotten really good at shaving in almost total darkness !!  :}

The other bathroom on the 2nd floor is designated as the kid's bathroom but really the only thing that happens there is teeth brushing at night.  I'm sure they will use it when they get older.

The bathroom on our main level is a smaller 1/2 bath that is used by guests.   It's pretty plain but I would love to put a splash of red in there but just haven't found the right color yet.  (Any suggestions?)
My other favorite bathroom is the one we created in the basement for guests.  I love the colors we picked and all the the little extras we added.  

We put an extra large shower with a 9 foot ceiling.  I hate that feeling of being cramped in a shower.  We selected the full glass door instead of the framed one again making it look larger.  

We weren't able to find the granite that was used upstairs so we needed to select something as nice.  After searching a few thousands samples I found this granite that actually looks like leather.  The top coat has been stripped off to give it the leather feeling.   I love it !!

We did custom cabinets to match exactly what was upstairs so were able to get a nice size cabinet built for towels/toiletries.  

Lastly, we added a heated slate floor to the bathroom and wetbar area.

Well that's our bathrooms - I hope you enjoyed the tour !

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Soshayna said...

I have house envy:) Beautiful bathrooms!! Hope you enjoyed your "break" if there is ever such a thing when you are a mom!

Keli said...

Beautiful bathrooms. I wish my bathrooms were bigger, I have 2 full, one half bathroom, but they are all really tiny. Of course my house is really tiny so I guess it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Your bathrooms are big and very pretty! I love the big tub. Have a great weekend!