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We are still alive !! it is just a busy time of the year around here.  This is by far my most favorite time of the year and since having kids it has brought on a whole new level of excitement.   I'm so badly wanting to decorate for the holidays but after having Laila a few years ago we decided to always wait until after her birthday on December 5th before we pulled all the decorations out.  So I will wait until next Monday.  But I have been sneaking a few new things though....

My friend Amber @ Monster Cookies  posted this adorable nativity set on her Facebook page the other day and I knew it would be ideal for the kids.  I have been wanting to get a set but with the little people in our house being so small I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that potentially could get broken. Well this is a win/win  it is an adorable set which is reasonably priced and is very kid friendly.
It's made by Fisher Price and retails for around $40 but we got our's for $28 when it was on sale at Zellers (thanks again Amber).  Laila and I have been learning a little everyday about baby Jesus.   This set makes it so much more relatable to a 2 year old.  Sophie for now just likes to eat the people and animals but she will learn the true meaning when she gets a little older as well.

I hosted a cookie exchange for one of the Mom's groups I belong to last week and it was so much fun.  I'm fairly new to this group so it was really nice to get a chance to chat with these ladies.  All the goodies were so delicious and the whole family have been enjoying them.

Because the dreaded baking funk continues I made a few types of fudge and added some of my Yummies to my contribution.  One fudge was candy cane peppermint flavor while the other was a creamy Caramilk.  The recipe for the 2nd one was found here.  I will post the other when I find the recipe.  I found the 2nd fudge was really almost to rich for me but the first one was good.

Will post more a little later...the babies are up and need a little mama attention !

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