Shaping up to be a great weekend !!

  • 3 kids with runny noses, coughs and two running slight fevers.....Check
  • Hubby who is suppose to be on vacation but has been working from home pretty much the whole time......Check
  • Crappy weather with lots of snow and cold temperatures.....Check
  • iMac broken and the Apple store can't seem to decide whether it's a big or small repair.....Check
  • Company scheduled to arrive later tonight for 3 days....Check
  • Baking funk continues (and I really need to get some stuff done before next week).....Check
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend !!

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Mellott Family said...

Ahh, I hope the weekend turns around for you and you can get out of your baking funk. I have so much that needs to be done and yet I can't get out of my shopping rut.

Soshayna said...

Sound yummy, Michelle, I will have to try it! Thanks for sharing:)