Mama's Weekly Wrap-Up (November 15th)

Gosh we have had a lot going on the last few weeks so I have taken a little break from the computer.  I do it a few times year whether I need it or not and find it rather refreshing when I return.  Here's a few things going on !!

  • I have been baking lots for the upcoming holidays...I have two cookie exchanges that I'm making different things for.  One is pretty casual but the other have a real group of "sweet" foodies in it so I have been testing new ideas.  I will post what I'm taking when I decide.
  • Trying to a menu for our annual Christmas party.  It's so much work but we all really enjoy it so it is worth the effort.
  • I'm all but finished my Christmas shopping for the kids.  I need to purchase Hayden's "Santa" gift but he has been with me lately on my travels so I have to get it one of these days he is in school.  Both girls are done so now it's just to wrap the stuff and not forget about it. 
  • I still need to get Faruq a few things but honestly don't know what yet.  I need some ideas !!! 
  • At one point this weekend I actually had three dollhouses for Laila for Christmas.  We had bought one a few weeks back but I felt it was just too young for her so I bought the next stage house.  Then discovered that Toys R Us actually sells the "mega" size to the second one I bought and it came with furniture so it was a better deal in the end. So I picked that one up.  I'm happy to report I now only have the last one in my possession.  The first one a friend bought for her daughter and the second was retuned to Wal-Mart last night.
  • I finished a study that was put on by the University of Calgary regarding the use of fiber in your diet.  While I didn't lose any weight I have maintained during the last 12 weeks which for me is good.  One of the main reasons I signed up originally was that each participant would receive a full body scan that would tell you multiple things.  One of the biggest was bone density and I was thrilled to find out that my numbers were very high for this so apparently I'm doing something right.  We receive a ton of data from the scans and other blood work that was done so I'm going back to discuss it  all with the facilitator in the coming weeks.
  • Hayden is doing so well with skating and is looking forward to going back in the new year.  We are adding swimming back in January so with those two and choir he will be busy until the spring.
  • We are still loving NetFlix and have decided to keep it.  We have put our regular cable on hold for 4 months to see if we really miss it.  I watch everything on the internet now so very seldom have the TV on.  Because we can stream Netflix through the Wii we can still watch shows/movies on the TV.    Our kids are not huge TV watchers which is great so I doubt they will miss it.  
  • I figured out the hard way that Hayden shouldn't  watch NetFlix on my iPhone.  While we were out this weekend I got an email from Telus saying I have used 75% of monthly data plan....Ooops!  Lesson hard learnt.
  • I finally ordered what I hope is the right rug for the living room.  After 3 others I'm hoping this will be the right size and color as I'm getting tired of wasting energy on this.
  • Made this a couple of times in the last few and it is a new family favorite.  The only change I made was after frying the beef I put in all in the slower cooker and let it bake there for 4 hours on low.  I also used Flank steak as I had no stewing beef on hand and it was just as tender.  Everyone ate it so it's a hit for us.
  • Faruq is off starting Wednesday for a week and we are thrilled about this.  He has been very busy at work so the break will do him some good.
  • I have started to design Laila birthday cake for her upcoming 3rd birthday as well have started to think about Sophie's at the end of December.  
  • So thrilled for a friend who has been trying for many years to conceive and is now pregnant with twins.  I wish her a healthy and uneventful 9 months.
  • Thinking of another friend who is awaiting test results for her wee baby that could be life changing.  Sending positive vibes and praying so hard that it turns out to be negative.
  • Lastly, I'm truly baffled by some parents and their idea's for disciplining their children.  I have never believed that it is overly effective to try to break a child's spirit and that's what I really think is happening in the few cases I have recently read about.  But this is really a whole new topic on itself.
Have a great week !!

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