What do you do when something doesn't quite work out the way you envision it to? Are you disappointed or angry.  Do you let it just roll off your back or stew about it.  I'm a bit of both really but it has taken years to get to that point.

I'm the first to admit I'm a total "A" type personality when it comes to most things.   I love order and strive to make sure things are planned and organized.  Even before kids I was that way but I find now with three ones and a hubby with a demanding work schedule planning and organizing is even more important.  I live by the motto "why put it off to tomorrow when I can get it done today" and I'm sure they may stress out people who are more laid back.

Almost all of my close friends are "A's" as well so we have had complete harmony in our friendships.  I have been testing new waters lately and have to say I'm more then a little frustrated at times.  But as a dear wise friend said "maybe it's time to jump ship" and I tend to think she is right.  I have to come to realize that everyone you meet is not meant to be your friend and I'm okay with that.

Pity post over...back to happy stuff !!

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