Do you RSVP ?

I have another question....Do people know what it means to RSVP to an invitation when they receive one. My first thought is "NO".    When you are trying to organize a party it is really nice to know the number of guests you are looking at attending.  It seems pretty simple to me that when you receive an invitation you reply to the host whether you are coming or not.   We get lots and lots in a year and I really do try to respond to most in a timely manner.

I have found this very annoying when trying to plan Hayden's birthday parties for the last 5 years or so.  If you read my "Disappointment" post this does not mix well with my "A" type personality.   This coming year we have decided to only invite specific kids to the party and I will correspond with the parents directly vs. a whole class invitation.

I was chatting with a friend last night and her daughter's party is on Sunday but only half the parents in the class have responded to the invites that went out 2 weeks ago but most of the kids are saying they are coming.  She is beyond frustrated because she is trying to organize the food, loot bags and the venue location.   I offered to send a follow-up email to the parents but she wisely declined.  :}  I can only sympathize with her problems.

So if you receive an invitation to a party make sure you RSVP as soon as possible !  It really is the polite thing to do !

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suz said...

you are so right.It is so incredibly rude not to RSVP. I think schools need to teach manners and proper etiquette. Don't even get me started on thank you cards! LOL!