mama's Weekly Wrap-Up (October 31)

This past week was just one big blur for about overextending myself.

  1. I was really missing my family this past week...I would have moved back east in a heartbeat.  This week is better.
  2. I baked and decorated almost 250 sugar cookies for Hayden's school.  Learnt a few more things along that journey so the next big batch should be a snap.
  3. Baked and decorated 100 cupcakes for various parties we had for Halloween - super easy and tasted yummy.
  4. Finally finished the cake classes at Michaels....Yay to having my Thursday nights back.
  5. Found a really cute table and chairs on Kijiji for the kids to use in the basement only to discover it was my next door neighbor selling it.
  6. Our other neighbors were so nice and brought the kids a huge bag of Halloween candy as they weren't home the night of Halloween.  Of course, first to dig in the bag was Laila only to bring me the candy after a small bite.  They must have thrown in some candy's for Faruq and I because they were filled with liqueur.  Maybe I should have let the kids have them it could have been a very quiet night for us.
  7. I have discovered my new favorite fruit - Japanese Kaki or Persimmon fruit. If you have not tried this fruit you really must.  Our Japanese friends brought some over this weekend and first I was a little sceptical about it but honestly I can't believe I have never had them before.  You must buy some when you spot them at the grocery store.  I don't even know the right words to describe them...sweet and juicy kind of tasting like an apple and melon. 
  8. I have been testing a few new recipes this week for Christmas this year.  A few really good ones and one or two flops.
  9. I can't wait until this Thursday nights episode of Private Practice.  It should be very emotional and I already have the tissues ready.
  10. Still trying to decide whether to have a little party for Laila birthday at the first of December.  It might just be family and close friends again.  I'm not even sure what to do for her cake best get on that one.
  11. I have started my "sugar" detox and it is brutal.  I have a huge headache and pretty much feel miserable.  Thankfully this only lasts a few days then you start feeling better.
  12. We have the gala at Hayden's school this weekend.  I'm wearing the same dress as last year.  Think anyone will notice?
  13. We have 5 birthday parties the next 3 weekends.  Slightly over scheduled until December which I hate.
  14. Hayden brought his school pictures home and it looks like crap.  I have a cute kid and the picture was still terrible.   Really poor photography so he will be getting the retake done.
  15. I have been reviewing our Christmas card goal is to get it to around 75 this year and we are thinking it maybe our last year for a card, letter and picture.  We might even go electronically next year.  It is so bloody expensive to send them now.
  16. I have to get the stuff together to get the teachers gifts done.  They are super cute and pretty inexpensive.
     Here is a picture of what the fruit looks like...I'm sure you are like me and are saying "Hmmmmm I have seen those at the store but never tried them".

    Have a great week !!

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    Mellott Family said...

    My grandpa loves the fruit you are talking about. I have had some that are really good and some that aren't so good.

    What is your teacher gift this year, last years was such a hit, I am curious!