We are sick !

Between the weather shifts in Calgary recently and Hayden bringing germs home from school we have all managed to come down with colds again.  This is cold 3 or 4 for us all and honestly I'm just tired of being sick.  The last one ended with Laila visiting the children's hospital with Ferbile seizures and that is a road I wish not to go down again.  I'm medicating daddy, Hayden and I while watching Laila pretty close.

We did manage to have a lovely weekend before getting sick....On Friday Faruq chaperoned Hayden's class when they went on a school trip to a local farm.  Then Saturday after swimming we headed to the local farmers market for some fresh veggies and organic meat.  The evening was spend making pizzas and watching movies.  Sunday everyone just seemed to do something they were interested in...Hayden hung out in the basement working on his Lego's, Daddy worked on taxes and yard work.  Laila and I jut napped for the better part of the afternoon.  Just a great day  and weekend !!

I also spent a little time catching up on some of the shows I have PVR'd and man there was a lot...I love The Office, Private Practice and The Amazing Race.  But my new guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of New York....I use the word "real" pretty loosely  though.  These women are something else....I loved when Kelly tried to "bitch" slap Bethany and end up getting it far worse.  The fact that these two aren't even married leads me to wonder how they qualify as "housewives" in the first place.  But none the less I will being watching next Sunday to see what these crazy ladies get up to next.

Through Facebook I was able to connect with 4 friends that I haven't spoken to in over 20 years and it was so nice to catch up on what they have all been doing.   I have kind  of lost interest in Facebook and have been  just using it for some of the on-line games but it was nice to find some long lost friends.

Our beloved Flames were ousted out of the Stanley Cup finals in the first round against the Blackhawks this week....I guess they will need to figure out what's not working for next season and hope that they can come back strong in the fall.

This week I'm looking into rental properties and flights for a trip we want to take to Florida this fall - If anyone knows a good home rental company I would love to have the name.  

Well that's it for now - should run and get lunch ready for the kiddos !!

Chow for now !

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