We had a wonderfully quiet weekend but still managed to get a few things checked off our "To Do" list.  We seldom ever get to have "PJ" days in our house anymore so we took advantage of it on Sunday.  It seems funny eating our turkey dinner in our jammies but everyone was comfortable and relaxed.

We managed to watch 4 movies this weekend which again is pretty much unheard of around here.  My favorite was "Seven Pound" with Will Smith.  He is a favorite for me so I try to catch any of the movies he is in.   We rented "The Tales of Despereaux" and all enjoyed it as well.  Hayden and I have been reading this book for the last month or so it was nice to see it on the screen.

I ran out on Saturday evening to find some chocolate for the kids not  because I had forgotten to buy it but honestly if I had it in the house I would have just eaten it.  Well I didn't realize this was going to be as tough as it was.  After 4 stores I finally found a Superstore with a little candy left....Holy people in Calgary take Easter very seriously.  I managed to snag a couple chocolate bunnies and a few movies for each of the kids.  We celebrate Easter but try to focus on the true meaning of holiday and not the commercial aspect.  I think Hayden got it this year because of the 100 questions that folded my explanation. 

We had a little egg hunt on Sunday morning followed by a big breakfast of pancakes and fruit salad.  My rule for Easter day is "eat as much chocolate as you want or can during this day" then we are back to small portions every other day.  Honestly, Hayden isn't a sweet eater so I don't worry to much about him.  Our lovely Laila on the other hand had her first taste of chocolate on Sunday and honestly it was like watching a spinning top.  She danced around and was laughing continuous...it was cute but kind of scary to see what sugar can do to a kid.  She may have my dreaded sweet tooth.

Monday we cleaned out our garage and I managed to get the front flower beds cleaned.  It was so nice being outside after what seemed like a very long winter.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family !!

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