Family Friday

It's hard to believe that Friday is here yet again and Good Friday at that !  We have had a very busy few weeks are looking forward to just have a little down time with the family over the 4 days.

I'm not sure why but I haven't been feeling overly inspired to post much to the blog lately.   I guess I'm in a funk...Ever get in one of those?  It seems to happen to me at least a few times a years and usually around the the times the seasons are changing - Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring !

This has been a particularly hard winter with what seems like continuous snow and cold temps.  Much harder I find since having little ones that need to be bundled up when heading out.  Someone in our house has been sick with a cold since October and generally I think we are just ready for it be over.

Spring of course brings allegry season with it.  I have never had a problem with allergies before moving to Calgary but have to say it hasn't been pleasant the last few springs.  I'm ready with the meds when they decide to hit and I can already feeling them creeping up.

Our lovely little Laila is doing you all know we had quite the scare a few weeks back with the Febrile seizures but shortly after her stay at the hospital we received a call that again put us in a tail spin with regards to her health.  The director of Pediatric care was calling to say that after reviewing Laila's x-ray it appeared that one side of her heart maybe enlarged and that he wanted us back to re-run the chest x-ray.

We went the next morning and Laila was not happy about going through the procedure again.   The doctor also ordered an  EKG be done and by now I think Laila had figured out if she just cooperated with medical staff things would be over quicker because honestly the nurse couldn't believe who well she just submitted to the test and didn't fight us.

I have said it before we are so fortunate to have this state of art hospital virtually right in our neighborhood.  After all the tests came back the x-ray still appeared with the same result as the first one.  The EKG seemed to be fine though so they are going to order another x-ray after her cold is completely cleared up. The radiologist now feels it may just be the way she is moving when they actually take the x-ray but want to be 100% sure.  She was diagnosed with a small heart murmur at birth but it also appeared to correct itself.

We have been so fortunate with Hayden not having any medical issues that this is has been a bit unnerving to say the least.  Hopefully, it is nothing but we won't know for sure until the final x-ray is done in a few weeks.

The snow has finally gone so we are going to try to get out to do a little yard work and enjoy the nice warm sun.  The boys rented a few really good movies that we are going to watch in the evenings.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter with their loved ones and that the bunny leaves you a few treats to enjoy.  I know he is all set to visit our place tonight after our oldest goes to bed.

~  Happy Easter ~ 

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Sonia said...

Wow! Everything going on with little Laila is a bit scary! I hope her next x-rays come back with good results!

I wish you guys a very Happy Easter! :)