My First born ...

Hayden Alexander 

I'm not sure how I got so lucky but  I did when I was given the gift of my first born. He is a great kid and one that any parent would be proud to call their son.  

I now know that God had a plan for me and that I had to go through sorrow before seeing beauty. I feel privileged to walk with Hayden during his journey in life and to watch with wonder everything that he learns.

Here are just a few of the things that makes him so Hayden.....

He is super serious.
He has a witty sense of humor (like his dad)
He is shy.
He is kind to everyone and is hurt when people are not the same to him.
He is beautiful in and out.
He was the spitting image of his mama at birth.
He is smart.
He is afraid of the dark.
He loves trains.
He loves to read his books.
He loves lego's.
He loves to help his mama with cooking and baking.
He loves to do housework (your welcome ...future wife).
He makes his bed every morning.
He loves to play on the computer
He is grumpy in the morning.  (so much like his mama)
He loves to play in his sandbox.
He loves to ride his bike and jeep.
He loves popcorn.
He loves to cuddle with his mama at night before bed.
He loves to go to the movies.
He loves sports - t-ball and golf are his favorites.
He is a great little swimmer but hates to put his head under the water.
He loves to take electronics stuff apart.
He loves his little sister (most of the time).
He loves all the holidays (like his mama).
He loves his dad and spending "guy" time with him.
He loves broadway shows.
He loves, loves, loves school and all that he is learning.
He loves jellybeans.
He loves Edo's chicken and rice.
He loves taking pictures.
He is named after two of great-grandfathers.
 He is amazing and an absolute joy to have in my life.  


I love you Hayden !
I'm so proud to be your mama.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by! What a handsome little man!!