We are alive !!

Haven't blogged much in the last few weeks because honestly I don't have much to say !!  We had  a good Spring Break .... we didn't do much because of Laila being sick but we read lots of books, did most of the puzzles in the house and managed to get a few new Lego creations build.  Hayden was an angel and really didn't complain about not getting out more - honestly I think he just enjoyed being at home in his pj's.

We still have more testing for Laila for a condition that was found on her x-rays but I'm not really ready to share any of that until further testing is done.  So off to the doctors again.

Hayden is back to school this week and all the after-school activities that comes with it.  I think he was excited to get back and see his buddies.  We are on the home stretch for school and can't wait until June and summer holidays.

Weather is crap in Calgary and we got more snow last night.  I'm so tired of winter and the cold temps.  It has been a very long winter and we just want a little spring warmth !!!

Daddy is working lots of overtime right now so mommy has been putting in lots of hours and according to Hayden "Is a little cranky" so we are hoping for a little more "Daddy Time" starting next week. 

I know there is probably more but honestly right now that 's all I fee like chatting about !!

Chow for now !

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