A different type of Family Fun Night....

So tonight we are having a different type of family night...instead of staying home in our pj's, eating yummy food and watching movies we are venturing to Hayden's school for his very first ever "School dance".  Yikes do I actually have a kid old enough for school dances surely I don't and this is just a mistake.

According to my very excited son we do in fact have a ticket and will partake in the festivities tonight at his school.  I guess it is a carnival and dance so there will be games, food and a little "cutting the rug" as Faruq has been gladly teasing Hayden about this week.

I think we are all pretty excited and I'm sure we will have lots of fun !  I will be sure to take my camera and get lots of pictures to share of yet another "first" in our house.

Chow for now !!


Jenn M said...

Wow that must be exciting, and a little scary.

Have fun!

Donna said...

We're sad to have to miss it! Joshua would have enjoyed himself. We had planned and had already booked the hotel to take the kids to West Edmonton this weekend before we knew of the dance! Joshua was pretty sad but you will definately have to let us know how things go! Good luck Hayden!