Hello Summer

Oh how I have missed you the last 8 long months.   We had a crappy winter and an even worse spring this year in Calgary so it is nice that summer has finally arrived.  It has been so stinkin' hot here the last few days even the mosquitos seem to have taken cover.  I thank god and my DH for the A/C we installed a few years back.  While it's lovely to have the hot weather outside I still like a nicely cooled house to sleep in.

Our day are spent outside in the backyard rotating between the sand box and little pool.  We have consumed far more Popsicles that anyone should eat and pretty much thrown out all forms of healthy food but you know what I really don't care (at least for now).  It's just so nice that the kids can be outside and get lots of fresh air

We have stampede starting here on Friday but I doubt we will take in any of the events.  I think the girls are still a little young to enjoy the midway and honestly, I just don't want to fight the crowds.  Although I have always wanted to try a deep fried Mars bar so it might be worth it.  :}

Hayden leaves on Saturday for my parents place on the Sunshine Coast in BC.  He will be there almost three weeks before the girls and I ruin his fun by arriving for almost a month.

I'm also super excited that Faruq and I are actually getting away for a little "adult" alone time.  We have booked a trip to Vegas during the third week in August.  My mom has offered to keep the kids on her own so we quickly took advantage of that offer.  We have a friend who works in the travel industry and she got us a good deal on flights and accommodations.

It has been almost 8 years since we have been away alone together.  I love my children and they are my life but Faruq & I really need to start doing this a little more often.  So if the kids don't kill my mother while we are gone I'm sure we will be able to convince her to do it a little more often.

We have Laila's speech assessment tomorrow and I'm both happy and apprehensive to see what the outcome will be.  I'm sure it will be nothing but positive steps forward.

So I hope that wherever you are the sun is shining brightly on you and you are enjoying some warm summery weather

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