Laila's Journey (Part 3)

What a difference a few days can make.  Last Wednesday we thought we had a plan in place for Laila with regards to preschool but Thursday morning that all changed.  As I wrote in the previous post everything changed after that meeting with Alberta Health Services.  It moved so quickly and I really needed to digest it all.

We got to tour the school and it is just lovely.  It's is a great location and the setup is perfect.  Laila got to play while I met with the administrator and she loved it.   Truthfully it reminded me a lot of the preschool that she was scheduled to go to.

The program is 5 days a week for 3 hours a day with only 10 kids in the class.  There is a teacher, a speech therapist and Occupational therapist in every class at all times. As well they have every other type of specialist on staff when needed.   They take the month of September to evaluate each child and put a structured plan in place to work on their specific disabilities.  At the end of the year each child is evaluated as to whether they will return the next year.  If she qualifies she could potentially do three years there.  I'm torn on that because while you want her to succeed and move on you want her to get all the help she needs.

It is an educational based program so they will still be learning the same things she would have at the other preschool.  But the goal of this school is to integrate the children back into the mainstream school system as soon as possible.

So after a few days to absorb it all I'm so excited for Laila to start there and know that is definitely the place she is meant to be.  I'm so thankful we had such a good therapist reviewing her last week and that she guided us through the process.  She knew what was best for her and made it happen very quickly.

Of course, now I wonder if the original therapist we were suppose to see in early June would have come to the same conclusion and had made the same quick decisions.   Two things I know for sure is that everything happens for a reason and that I feel God is very present with us during this journey.

We are on the road to success for her and that's all that truly matters.  The other positive thing to come out of this is that I now have the afternoons free to spend with little Sophie something I didn't think would happen for at least two years so I have booked her in for a music and swimming class.

Lastly, I wanted to say a very sincere thank you to all who have left encouraging comments on my blog or sent me personal emails of encouragement I do truly appreciate them all.


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Soshayna said...

I am so happy that you love the school and that Laila seemed to love it too! It is a blessing to help her early...when she is 18 and thriving in all she wants to do you will reap all the rewards for loving her so much and pursuing every opportunity for her. I hope the transition is easy for you and that you all have a wonderful school year!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

What a blessing indeed to find such a wonderful school! So happy for her.....and you :)