Where has the time gone....

As I type this tonight I honestly can't believe that Hayden will celebrate his 8th birthday tomorrow.  I remember like it was yesterday what the labour and eventual delivery was like.  Hayden was originally scheduled to make his appearance on June 19th which was our 10 wedding anniversary.   But that day came and went with no baby.  On June 30th I started getting some of those familiar pains so we hoped we might actually have a July 1st baby but Hayden had other plans.

I had been put on the induction list at our local hospital in Fort McMurray, AB but there was 13 ladies ahead of me so I was impatiently waiting to be called.  My OB told me if I felt labor was starting to call the hospital right away.  So we called the hospital but they said the contractions weren't close enough so we waited and they actually stopped altogether that evening.  But July 2nd they started again and were close enough to go to the hospital.  I had been warned earlier in the pregnancy that this baby may have to be delivered by c-section so we really didn't know what to expect.

I was admitted and the induction process started.  I labored for the next 20 hours but it just wasn't progressing the way my OB wanted it to.  He checked me early in the morning on July 3rd and said he would return around lunch to see how it was going.  Well when he returned the decision was made quickly that we needed an emergency section as it appeared the baby was starting to show signs of distress. Up until that time I had been quite calm about it all but lost it totally.  Now I just wanted my baby.

Within 10 minutes we were in an OR and the section was started.  It was discovered that Hayden had wedged himself under my pelvic bone which meant he would have never came naturally so the decision for the section was a good one.  There were also a few other issues but the main priority was just have a healthy baby.

Hayden Alexander Suleman came screaming into the world at 1:53pm on July 3rd.  He was perfect and healthy at a whopping 8 lbs, 12 oz.

I have spoken many times about our struggles to have our family but holding this little boy made it all worth it.  He is an amazing kid and I'm so proud to be his mama.

It has been a wonderful 8 years watching him grow and I can't wait to share the next 8 years and beyond with him.

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy !!

I love you,

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