Our Vacation in Pictures (so far)

We have been on the coast a week yesterday and it has been a blast so far.  We have spend our days at the beach, having lazy afternoon naps and eating ice cream.  Just a perfect vacation so far !!

The kids have had so much fun we are looking into a rental for 2 months next summer.  It's close enough that Faruq could come every other weekend when his vacation time is over.

We still have 3 weeks left but I know the kids will be so sad when it comes to an end and we return to our busy lives in Calgary.

But for now we will enjoy each day as they come !

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Keli said...

Looks like lots of fun. The children are growing up so much. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation time.

Lindsay said...

Looks like a blast! I love the picture of the girls holding hands! I hope you are having better weather than we have been lately! It's been a rough summer in Seattle!