Hayden's Day

We had a great day celebrating Hayden's 8th birthday.  It was really low key (just the way we like it).  We started with our a family tradition of colored pancakes, turkey bacon and a fruit salad.  Hayden picked teal and purple for the pancake colors.

We then spend a few hours in the backyard playing in the wonderfully warm weather until a nasty wind storm rolled it.  Faruq took Laila and Hayden out for a bite of lunch while Sophie and I stayed home to finish the birthday cake.

We had intended on having a BBQ but Hayden opted for Edo as his birthday dinner so that was what we had.  Afterwards we played a bit longer outside then came in for baths, cake and presents.

I borrowed this idea from a few friends that have made it.  Super easy cake with M&M's and Kit Kat bars on the outside.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  So really no calories at all.  

Hayden loved the cake !

It is near impossible to get a picture with all kids looking at the camera so this will have to do I guess.

Opening presents more LEGO and a DSi Game.

We had a great day celebrating Hayden and I really do find it hard to believe he is already 8.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy !

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FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

What a great day! That cake is bigger than Hayden!