Laila's Journey (Part 4)

It seems lately all I have been posting about is lovely Laila but today we got great news which I had to share.  She had her hearing test at the Children's Hospital and I'm thrilled report there is NO HEARING LOSS.

We have been prepping her for a few weeks now and I think it really paid off.   She was prepared for what was going to happen so there was no panic attacks by either her or I.  Faruq actually didn't get to the appointment until it was almost over so I had to entertain Sophie which left Laila on her own for most of it.

The audiologist said that Laila did great and there is not a thing wrong with her hearing or ears.  I was so sure they were going to find an issue that for a minute I had mixed emotions.  But I quickly realized this was great news and now we can just concentrate on the speech portion.

She also had her dentist appointment on Friday and our dentist couldn't find any problems with her mouth or teeth that would cause any speech problems.

We will continue to work at home with her on speech exercises until she starts school in September but at least we have cleared a few more hurdles.

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Anonymous said...

With you and Faruq in her corner she'll do great!

Soshayna said...

Good News!! So happy for Laila and your family. Hope this allows you to put aside the worry for a can be so tough being a parent. Hugs!

Keli said...

That is such wonderful news. I know both you and Faruq have to be relieved. Knowing what you are working toward is going to make it so much easier to reach the goal. Hugs to all of you.

Lindsay said...

That's such great news, Michelle! I haven't commented, but you guys have been in my thoughts :)

suz said...

Good News Michelle! So happy her appt. went well and no hearing loss. :)