We had a pretty good weekend...very low key and not a lot of plans. Friday evening we went to Costco and did a little grocery shopping then grabbed some supper. We got home early and after getting the kids to bed I decided I would try to read a little of "Twilight" but honestly I think I read two pages then went to sleep myself.

I was thinking how great everyone is in bed before 9 and we will be up bright Saturday morning to get ready for swimming lessons at 11.

Well, Hayden had another plan...around 1:30am he woke screaming with pains in his stomach. I knew he wasn't constipated so we were a little worried it was something more serious. We tried to call Healthlink (it's a call center we can call to talk to nurses and it's available 24 hours a day) but after being on hold for almost 1 hour we decided it was best to just take him to our Children's hospital. Off they went and didn't return home until almost 9 am Saturday morning. Thankfully, it was just pain old gas pains and nothing major. But my plan of everyone being nice and refreshed did happen.

We did take the kids to their swimming lessons and came home right after. Hubs and the kids took a long nap in the afternoon while I went to Safeway for a few more groceries. We got the kids in bed early last night and I managed to actually read a few chapters of my book.

Sunday is being spent at home just relaxing !! I put a pot of Hamburger soup on for supper and plan to whip up some cheese biscuits to go with them. Hayden and Faruq are watching the Transformers movie for the 100th time. Laila should be waking from her afternoon nap shortly.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend !! Big TV week coming up - DWTS and Grey's are back for the new season !!

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