Me and TV

I would love to say I followed my original plan to rid my family of the ever evil TV as I had intended to this summer but I just couldn't do it....I'm weak !!

Hubs and I talked about it {alot} but I just couldn't bring myself to cancel it. I admit I enjoy watching TV !! {there I wrote it}. I don't have near the time to watch as much as I would like but with the magic of PVR's in multiple locations throughout the house I manage to catch a lot of my favorites. I'm not sure what we did before PVR's but it has certainly helped me maximize my viewing time.

In particular of I love Reality Shows {huge gasp} again it feels kind of dirty to type that. I love Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, DWTS, ANTM, Project Runway, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef and of course every version of The Real Housewives !!

Hubby loves comedies so we watch The Office, 30 Rock and my personal favorite King of Queens.

I will periodically check in on the ladies of The View or Oprah but Laila and I both enjoy a daily dose of Ellen !! Of course, my most guilty pleasure is watching Coronation Street which I have been a follower of for almost 20 years now. But mostly during the day if you pop by my house I will most likely have The Food Channel on in the background for noise.

So....I guess I am weak but honestly TV gives me a little mindless relief I need from very hectic life as a mama.


Jenn M said...

I'm a tv fan. I admit it. It is mind numbing but that's the point. After dealing with kids all day, I need mindless or even just drama tvthat makes my life seem super duper! I also, *gasp* love reading romances for the same reason.

Michelle said...

Thanks Jen...TV Watchers unite - I love to read as well but have been falling asleep every time I try to read.