Baby Update

I had my first OB appt today and all went very well. But to my surprise I found out today that we will actually have a wee baby before the end of the year. With a planned c-section as this baby will be they actually like to deliver them around 37 weeks to ensure that I don't in fact go into natural labor. When I delivered Laila that OB left his patients until around the 39th week.

My actual date for 37 weeks would have been 24th December but I begged them to go a few days later because I would have been in the hospital during Christmas which would have been a great for the kids. As well, I didn't think the wee one would have liked to have her birthday on Christmas Eve. As it is I'm sure she won't even think December 26th is that hot but it's a bit better then the original date.

So I guess I know what my New's Years eve plans are for this year and I couldn't be happier to be cuddling a new precious life.

We have less then 100 days until our family is complete and I can hardly contain my happiness !!

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Jenn M said...

Boxing day would be cool.

Congrats. :)