Wordless Wednesday (May 19th) (A little late)

Beware:  This is what your leg could look like when you fall down a flight of hardwood stairs with a baby in your arms.  This was taken on the weekend and the bruising has really come in now but I will spare you those pictures.  My doctor is amazed I didn't break anything but he wants an x-ray just to make sure.

Thankfully, Sophie was unhurt in it all as it could have been so much worse for her.

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Soshayna said...

Oh My Goodness, Michelle! You are so lucky that you both weren't seriously hurt...although looking at those pictures makes me think it must have hurt quite a bit! I can't imagine what a challenge a broken leg would be with 3 little ones. BTW, good luck to Faruq on the new employment...hope everything works out wonderfully for you all!

Keli said...

That picture makes me hurt just looking at it. So thankful you are okay (with pain I am sure), and that Sophie did not get any bruises or broken bones.
Great news about your hubby's new job!