Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (May 15th)

Lots of good stuff going on around the Suleman's household...

  • Sophie has been teething like a little fool.  She went from having only a few teeth to now having almost a mouthful.  She has been a trooper for sure and has only be mildly upset by it all.  My secret "go-to" weapon for teething are these.  With three kids I have tried almost everything and by far these teething drops are the best hands down.   I have recommended them to countless parents and they have had the same results.
  • Laila is growing like a weed literally.  I have needed to go buy her a few more things for summer as the stuff I just bought a month ago is almost too small.  I'm not sure what is making her grow as she is still is being so fussy when it comes to eating.  I know it's a phase and I'm really trying not to sweat it but it can be challenging at times.
  • Hayden is almost finished another year of school and we are all looking forward to the break.  It has been a long year and the two months off will be lovely.  Last week he wrote the placement tests for the school he will be attending next year so the only thing left is to get his uniforms.  I think he is actually pretty excited to get go back now as he knows he will be able to do more after school activities.
  • We found a great gardener to look after our yard this summer.  He is totally reasonable on pricing and does everything with organic products.  He is going to look after the lawn and the flower beds so we won't have to spend our Saturday's doing it. 
  • I bought the best cereal last week and if you can find it I would suggest you buy it.  It is produced by a company on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia called Hapi Foods and its called Holy Crap.  I usually have plain oatmeal every morning and have been adding the cereal to it.  I honestly can't say enough good things about it.  This couple appeared on the Canadian show Dragon's Den and I have attached their pitch video.
  • As for Faruq and I life has been very good but I want to update with a separate post as I have lots of stuff to talk about.
  • How could I forget to update on the party supplies.  I called the company and they wanted the supplies back.  Unfortunately, I had to pay the shipping but they will reimburse me when they received them.  Well I finally managed to take it the post office the other day and it cost a whopping $47 dollars (cheapest rate) to send back to them.  In the end it hardly seemed worth it but for me it was the  principle of it all and I still feel I made the right choice.
Chow for now !!

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