Positive Changes

Since having Sophie it would be save to say I have been enjoying a very extended break from eating healthy and exercising.  When I first had her I said I was committed to getting back in shape within a year.  Well let's do the math Sophie will be 17 months on the 28th of May nd I am still carrying way too much weight.   Everyone knows when you have kids your own personal needs always seem to come secondary to your kids but for the next year both Faruq and I are putting ourselves first when it comes to exercise and getting healthy.

The first change we have made was to go back to "whole" food eating.  Lots of salad and veggies plus eating only chicken and fish so no red meat but honestly that doesn't bother me.  I have personally cut out "white" starches and sugar which are the tough ones as I love bread and chocolate.  But with everything now a days there are always other alternatives.  As we go through this journey I will definitely share any good finds that I come across.

We hired a trainer and she is  coming three nights a week so any free time in the evenings seems to be consumed by that now.  I know it's not rocket science when it comes to exercise but we definitely get a very effective workout for the hour we each spend with her.  I'm not a "gym" person and doubt I ever will be so while it seems like big bucks we are spending I would say in the end it's probably no more then the gym memberships I have bought and never used.

I have for most of my life been driven by a number.  I was a slave to the scale and I would feel the ups and downs of gaining/losing a pound.  This time around I made the decision not to use a scale.  I have no idea what my starting weight was and honestly I don't much care.  Our trainer measured me when we started and that is the way I plan on continuing.   Because it is the end number that is the most important to me.

I know I'm feeling better, my body is getting smaller and my mental attitude is improving greatly.  I would love to here any tips you might have that would help in this journey.

Here's to a more healthy me !!

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Soshayna said...

Good luck Michelle! It is time as parent's that we all take care of ourselves! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

melanie said...

I think it is fantastic that you have a trainer coming to your home. With three small children that is really the best way to do it. I too have just started getting back into exercize in the last month and am feeling so much better. Really - we need to be in good shape in order to keep up with these little ones don't we!

Anonymous said...

You rock it every time!!