Question:  Do you believe in Karma ?  Read here for a better understanding of what it actually is.

My belief is we are continually tested through our daily lives and most time we probably don't even realize it.  I live by a few basic principles with one being "Don't mess with Karma".  I try to always do what is right whether it be big or small.

Our family has had some amazing things happen in the last two weeks and we are finally seeing some long overdue positive rewards come our way.  To put it  simply "Life is very good right now".  But yesterday I feel I was presented with a temptation to mess with Karma.

A few weeks back I placed an order with an on-line party supply company in the States for decorations for Hayden's upcoming birthday party.  It was expensive and I remember griping about the exorbitant duty and shipping charges.  But because I couldn't find the stuff in Canada I went ahead and ordered it. Fast forward to Tuesday I receive not one but two slips in the mail for parcels.  Automatically I thought hubby had ordered something for Mother's Day but he said no when I asked him.  The girls and I went yesterday to pick up the parcels.  Sure enough it was two boxes from the same company.

Honestly, I still just figured they couldn't get it all in one box so sent two but last night when I opened them I found that they had duplicate the order and sent two complete orders.

I have a couple of options...

  • I checked my CC statement and I was in fact only charged once for the order so I could keep the 2nd order and sell it.  It's a very popular theme so I'm sure I would not have any trouble doing that.
  • I could call the company and tell them what happen.  a) they will either tell me to send it back or b) tell me to keep it. (I have had that happen before.)
When I was telling Faurq about it last night he immediately said you MUST call the company and give it back.  I guess he is a big believer in Karma as well.  I had actually already tried to call them but they were closed for the night so I will try again this morning.

 So back to my original question ... Do you believe in Karma ?  What would you do?  I'm always curious what other people believe.

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Keli said...

I am a big believer in Karma. I am so glad you are going to call the company and give them the chance to either have you return the extra order or possibly tell you to just keep it. I have always told my children that they never need to get even with someone who wrongs them, that 'what goes around, comes around'...just sit back and wait..Karma will take care of it for them. I could never intentionally take something that I did not pay for, or earn, my conscience would never rest.