Big Changes

A few months ago I wrote a post about what our future plans might possibly be and where we would be living.  Well in a matter of 3 weeks that has completely changed and I can say for the better.

A little background info might help...Faruq has worked for the same Oil & Gas company for the last 20 years and for the first 13 had great success with them.  He was given roles that challenged him and he was happy.  Once Hayden arrived we realized that Fort McMurray was not the place we wanted to raise our children and we knew a move was required but what I didn't realize was that to do that Faruq was about to  sacrifice to his future career with Suncor.  Almost from the time he arrived in Calgary it was not a good.  He preserved and continued to provide the same exceptional service he always did but the organization was not a good one and honestly it was a bit of a circus show.  He had a boss that was one of the worse he has ever had and personalities clashed.  Faurq eventually moved on and thought it was just a bad memory but unfortunately their paths would cross again and he proceed to prevent almost any type of move Faruq tried to make.

While people always told him he was valued and respected there was not a lot of formal recognition given in the form of promotions for the last 4-5 years.  You can only do so much to a person before they decide that a change is needed and they do something about it.  Literally just a few weeks ago Faruq polished up his resume and put it out to a few of the big O&G companies in Calgary.  Within a few days he had interviews with 3 of them for really good jobs.  I have always been my husband's biggest supporter but it was nice to see these companies aggressively seeking  him for potential employment.

He went for interviews and felt good about them all but one company stood out for him as a leader and that's who he really wanted to work for.    They are respected in the community as a leading company and just seemed to have a first class operation.  He went for the first interview with them,  then was called for a second, references were checked and and the offer letter presented in under two weeks.  It was a complete world wind experience for us both.  It wasn't the highest paying offer he got but it held the most interest for him so I know the monetary gains will come.

They have treated him with dignity and respect while expressing how extremely happy they are that he is joining their company.   What I hope for him is he finally gets the recognition he deserves for all the hard work he does.  What I find completely unbelievable is that his current employer were looking for him to try to counter his offer letter with a better offer from them.  Does that really work ?  For Faruq to actually look for a new job meant a fore sure end to his current career.  He doesn't threaten he just acts and changes what's not working.

So as of June 14th he will start the 2nd part of his working career with a new O&G company and I know he will do amazing things for them.  Sadly, that also pretty much secures my future in Calgary for quite a few more years as well.  But I can honestly thing of far worse places we could be so I'm content with the decisions we have made.

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