Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (April 1st)

  • We spent the afternoon at IKEA yesterday.  I always feel the need to be super organized when I shop there.  I only bought two things for the kids this time for the toy room.  Faruq is of course super excited to ensemble them this weekend.
  • Snow has returned to Calgary and it's a big storm.  Enough already we want summer !  I have totally given up on a nice spring but would like a few weeks of warm weather so we might go outside to play.
  • Faruq bought the movie Tangled for the girls.  So far we have watched it 3 times but still is not a favorite like "Despicable Me" for Sophie.  It's a cute movie and I'm sure it will be watched many many times.
  • It has been extremely quiet here without Hayden.  I have talked to him a few times since he went to his Grands in Vancouver.  He is having a great time and I'm glad we made the decision to just send him.  He has another week there and hopefully the snow will be gone by the time he returns next Saturday.
  • Laila decided it was time to give herself a trim and cut a bit of her out.  Faruq is now calling her "Edwina Scissorhands".  It could have been far worse and you actually can't even notice it.
  • Sophie is now table dancing whenever she can.  We have removed all the chairs/stools that she can climb onto but I have found her in a bind a few times.  How long does this stage last ?
  • Watching Dexter this weekend and trying to avoid going outside until the sun shines again.
Have a great weekend everyone !!

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