Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (April 17th)

We had a great week at home considering both girls were fighting head colds.  At one point I thought about starting a drinking game and every time I told someone to wipe or blow their nose I could have a shot.  It's tough because neither little monsters can actually blow their noses so we have to wait for the sneezing to occur or they just start to run.

  • I had a really successful week purging out stuff.  I managed to finish Hayden's closet, the girls clothes, more baby stuff and my office.  It feels so freeing to get things out.  I still have to tackle the toy room one more time before summer but it's more just sorting, cleaning and reorganizing that room.  I still feel like my kids have too many toys.
  • I did manage to sell a few things this week on Kijiji but honestly it just sucks the life out of me doing it.  I have gotten wise on how to write my ads so people don't try to barter with me but there are some that of course still try.  My biggest pet peeve though is when people arrange a time to come look at something and don't bother showing up.  I guess it's all part of the process but it just pisses me off.
  • "Homework" wars are back on with Hayden.  Faruq and I agree he needs to learn a life lesson from this so he is going to school tomorrow without an assignment done.  We asked him for three days to sit and we would help him but nope he wasn't interested.  So he will explain to his English teacher who just happens to be the principal (double score for us) why he chose not to do it.  I have already emailed her with what is happening and I told her to let him have it.  Of course, she is way to sweet for that but he does respect her and I know will feel bad disappointing her.  I'm at a bit of a lose with this so please share any tips you might have.
  • We have our new cable boxes installed and they are very pretty !!!  Every button on each remote actually works and honestly it's really very similar to what we have had.  The tech called us 90 minutes early today to see if he could come then so we didn't spent the afternoon waiting for him. It is amazing how far technology has come since we bought our old receivers. 
  • Still wasting  spending time on Twitter !  Hubby thinks he may join that worries me.  Okay not really but I figure he would be bored after a week.
We have a busy week ahead with a few appointments that have been cancelled previously, supper with friends and the boys are off on Friday for an extra long weekend !  

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