Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (April 11th)

  • Faruq flew out Saturday to get Hayden in Vancouver.  I think his trip was a success and he enjoyed the time out there.  Who wouldn't enjoy the undivided attention that he received.   He shared the Grands with no one while he needs to share us with his sisters.  If all goes as planned he will probably spent a month out there this summer.
  • We are back to a regular routine this morning as Hayden has returned to school.  Just 2.5 months then we are summer holidays.  I'm not sure where the year has gone but know they seems to be getting shorter with each passing one.
  • I'm so enjoying the Twitter world. I have met some really nice people since re-joining and have spent way too much time twittering.  
  • The girls are still battling head colds and although better we are in the "snout running out of the nose" phase.  It's so tough on wee ones because they can't blow their noses.  I \should be a majority shareholder in Kleenex by now.  
  • I finished watching Season 4 of Mad Men this weekend and all I can say is they really need to do a Season 5.  I hear it is happening but not until sometime in 2012.  Now what to watch on Netflix?
  • We went to see Hop on the weekend and while I really wanted to love the movie because they did an awesome job on the previews I have to say I was a little disappointed in the end.  It could have been the theatre we went to as I found it extremely loud and we had to sit fairly close to the front.  It was funny in parts and seemed to hold Hayden attention but all in all I was let down a bit.  I'm sure we will get it when it comes out on DVD as Laila will enjoy it.
  •  I need to get my menu planning done for the next month.  We took the last two weeks off but now it's time to get back to it.  I actually like meal planning because it's so much easier to grocery shop and prepare supper when you have the schedule.  If I don't know what we are having we usually end up with fast food which isn't healthy for anyone.
  • My big plan this week is to purge more in the house and list a ton of stuff on Kijiji for sale.  I think spring has finally sprung here in Calgary so I have the urge to declutter again.
Have a great week !!  I hope it's sunny and warm where you are at ! 

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