Weight Watchers - Week 2

The "life style" (I refuse to say diet) change is going really well.  I was down another 2 pounds on Friday and I'm still loving the "lighter" cooking.  Faruq has decided to join with me as he has about 20 extra pounds he wants to shed before starting the marathon training again.

I have found a few great sites for Weight Watchers recipes but was wondering if anyone has one they particularly like.


Keli said...

I have never done Weight Watchers, but I did lose 35 lbs last year by cutting white foods out of my diet. No sugar (I use splenda for sweetener), no white flour (only 15 grain breads made without high fructose corn syrup), no potatoes or rice (I use barley in place of rice). I have managed to only gain back 2 lbs. It is definitely a life style change. I also read all labels and do not eat anything that contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. I feel so much better and have lots of energy. I hope weight watchers works well for you as a life style change.

Lindsay said...

Yay Michelle! I'm back at it again this week for the first time in a month! we are meeting on Friday. I love that website you gave me!

Mellott Family said...

I added a Spark Recipies App to my IPhone and it is amazing, I am sure it is online too, but I love that I have the app at my fingertips when I am shopping at the store. We made parmesan tilapia for dinner last night and today is salsa chicken. The complete breakdown for each recipe is on the site!