Happy Mother's Day !!

Here is the reason why I celebrate this day...

Hayden Alexander - My Thinker - Strong and Quiet !

Laila Quinn -The Drama Queen -  Screaming and Bossy !

Sophie Rhys  - Our Princess - Patient and Content !

They are my miracles that I dreamed and prayed for so long to have.   The pain and suffering we endured during the journey has been truly worth it and I would walk the road again to have these 3 beautiful human beings in my life.

While the day to day job of being a mother is not always easy and can be sometimes down right frustrating at times just hearing the words "I love you mama"makes it all worth it.

I'm honored to walk with you in life and I'm so very proud to be your Mama !!

To my beloved friends who are waiting to be become moms and are still on the journey know that I pray for you all and hope that in some way you will experience this joy !

Happy Mother's Day !!

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