Oh....Bulk Barn

You need to come to Calgary and soon please !!  I was in one of their stores on Saturday looking for the Candy Blox for Hayden's Lego birthday party (which by the way are harder to find then Osama Bin Laden)  and I instantly fell in love with the store.

I have only heard of these stores a few weeks ago and they seem to be more prominently located in Ontario but they are making their way west and I can't wait.  They have a new website if you want to have a look here.

Bulk Barn I know when you do come to Calgary we will be instant BBF's !  See you in a few months !!

BTW... I managed to score a box of the Candy Blox and will be selling the leftovers from the party to put at least one of my kids through University.  Who knew it would be that popular but I guess there are a lot of Lego lovers out there !

Anyway...thoughts on Bulk Barn !  Are you a fan !


Keli said...

I love those kind of stores. I don't think they have them in the U.S., at least not yet.

Lindsay said...

Oooh. I'm so glad you found the lego candy. I really wish there was a bulk barn even in B.C. That would only be an hour and half drive. Boo.

Mellott Family said...

If you need anything, I am heading to see my parents next weekend at some point and they have one there!