Oh Google...I love you !!

This weekend I finally found success with something that has been stumping me for a very long time....You see it should be task that is very easy and one that should not have perplexed me.  But for almost 4 years it has and honestly I was starting to get a little embarrassed by the mess.

It is the simple task of cleaning the porcelain coated grates on my natural gas stove.  We have had 3 different cleaning ladies and none have been able to help.  So I finally turned to my friend "Google" and within a few moments it gave me the answer.

The solution to clean them is a very easy one... 1 large ziploc bag and 1/2 cup of plain old ammonia.  Put the grate and the ammonia in the bag and seal it.  I placed it outside on the back deck due to the overwhelming smell.  In the morning I brought it in and only had to lightly scrub a few really ground in grease spots.  It was amazing to me how clean they were....I seriously have tried so many different things and nothing worked.

Honestly, what did we do before we had our friend "Google".  I can't count the number of times I have gone there for answers to a questions both simple and difficult.

Chow !!

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Shana said...

I love me some google, ha! I can honestly remember looking at someone & asking what google was! Now, I don't do anything without it!