Not much happening here....

We all seem to have summertime colds now...which is just marvelous !  I'm starting to sound like a seal so I'm sure I will end up at my GP's sometime next week plus I appear to have done something to my back so will be heading the chiropractor tomorrow.

Sophie had her 4 month shots last week and she did super...More on her a little later !

Hayden only has 5 weeks left of school and we are getting ready to celebrate his 7th birthday in a few weeks...How can that be?  Where has the last 7 years gone.  Beavers is finished for another year and he is really enjoying his "coach-pitch" baseball league.  We are trying to decide on what summer camps if any he will attend.

Laila's speech is finally starting to come along.   Hayden was a really late talker so I wasn't surprised that she is as well but it is still a little unnerving when they don't say much.  I actually had a few occasions this week where in my mind I willed her to just be quiet for a few moments. :}  She is totally all girl and I'm sure will never be silent again !

I haven't been up to much.... watched the season finale for Survivor last week and was pleasantly surprised to see Sandra win.  Out of the 3 finalist she would be my pick.  Russell played the best game but he was also a huge villan and lets face it they never give it to the best player (because they probably have been burnt by them during the game).

Just finished watching the season finale for Grey's Anatomy and it was sooo good !  Won't say a lot in case some have not seen it yet.  Not sure if it was better then the Denny/Izzy finale but it was damn good.

We are going to enjoy a 4 day break with the family this weekend.  It is rare to have that many days off so it will be a treat for sure !  Weather forecast appears to be crappy for the next few days so it might be a great time to catch up on some reading and cooking !

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