Wish they were all like this....

What a wonderful day !  Faruq had the day off and it was lovely to have him home with us.  He misses a lot of dinners and bedtimes during the week so these days make up for it.  Although I have to admit I'm definitely not as efficient when he is around but that's okay.

We had a lazy morning with a great breakfast and I managed to get a little sewing in.

By far the best highlight of the day was Sophie's hearing test and I'm so happy to report that everything is fine.  I was again amazed with the audiologist that we had and her ability to get Sophie to cooperate.  She is a very strong willed little girl so I tend to break out in cold sweat whenever we need to do something like this.  So we will now just keeping hoping and praying that a spot comes out at Laila's preschool so Sophie can start Speech therapy in the fall. For now we will start her with private therapy.

We kept Laila home from school and she came with us to Sophie's appointment but I gotta say she was a bit pissed when she realized she actually did have school and missed it.  Girlfriend loves her class and is crushed when she misses it.   But a trip to Toys R Us after the appointment seemed to ease her disappoint a bit.

Hayden's school had their annual Track & Field day today and other then a small back injury I think he had a great day.  I know he is eagerly awaiting the end of the school year.  This kid has worked so hard this year so the break for 2 months will do him well.

I picked up my new "grannie" glasses today and holy hell I can hardly see with them.  This is my first pair of progressive lens and I have to say it is going to take me more then a few days to get used to them.

We have ballet and gymnastics tomorrow which are true highlights of my weekend.  Then it's home to work on a few teachers gifts and new dresses for the girls.

I hope you have a lovely weekend with loved ones !

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Keli said...

Sounds like you are staying busy busy busy. I am still reading, just not commenting much. Kind of disappointed with people on the internet, so I try to only read the blogs that are not negative. Hope you are enjoying the sewing. I am very busy at the shop, which is great. Passed that first year mark! Take care and enjoy your summer fun!

Soshayna said...

Good news for Sophie! Hope a spot opens up for her. Family time is always the best time! Wishing you more of it along with joy and good health! Hugs!

Lindsay said...

So happy to hear about Sophie's hearing! Hope all is well :) I'll be thinking of you guys when you get to BC. If you go into Vancouver, let me know! Maybe we could meet up for lunch!